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Position Title: Direct Support Professional

Position Summary
The role of the Direct Support Professional is to support people with a developmental disability in every way possible to facilitate personal growth and relationship building, as they emerge in their rightful place within the community.

Major Responsibilities:

Direct Support; Challenging Individuals To Grow In An Interdependent World By:

  • Encouraging personal skill development in all areas of someone's life by showing, teaching and talking
  • Building self-esteem by "living with"-- doing things together, rather than "caring for"
  • Providing opportunities for new experiences
  • Getting involved in the community - recreation, shopping, building positive relationships
  • Encouraging individuals to make choices and decisions in all areas of their lives, and providing the opportunities to learn how to make decisions and problem solve 
  • Building a relationship based on respect, to enable you to offer support, guidance and direction when appropriate
  • Facilitating any area in which someone may need support in order to achieve full life eg, buying clothes, sending birthday cards, mending clothes, redecorating a room
  • Encouraging, teaching and assisting with household, community and personal responsibilities such as shopping, cleaning, banking, doctor appointments and ensuring they are completed by the individual or yourself
  • Supporting people in social situations to learn to feel comfortable and confident with others through appropriate interactions and build positive relationships
  • Understand and assist in developing appropriate family values 
 Teamwork; Building A Strong Team Able To Accomplish Goals By:

  • Offering support, respect and feedback to other team members
  • Ensuring communication is clear, concise and honest 
  • Attending staff meetings and contributing professionally 
  • Covering assigned shifts or finding a suitable replacement, giving adequate notice and informing the team.  If Extremely Ill, notifying Team Leader directly with adequate notice 
  • Taking ownership and responsibility for your role as a team member
  • Being accountable and holding each other accountable
  • Approaching team members directly and privately to resolve issues as they arise, then going to team leader or director when appropriate to ensure issue are resolved adequately 
  • Sharing and contributing ideas, knowledge, questions, feeling
  • Respecting the workplace physical structure, keeping it clean, safe and secure for those we support 
Health & Safety; Respecting Individuals Personal Health Needs By:

  • Administering medication correctly by watching to see that it is swallowed and immediately initialing medication chart
  • Being aware of and competent in dealing with individual medical needs eg. seizures, health concerns, allergies etc.
  • Attending regularly and consistently to personal care needs such as bathing, hygiene, grooming etc. in a dignifying and respectful matter
  • Ensuring doctor appointments are made when necessary, and accompanying individuals when appropriate
  • Reading and initialing the doctor appointment sheet and following through with the information given by the doctor
  • Following the Canada Food Guide
  • Being responsible for each person's safety in all situations; ensuring medical attention is sought, notifying those concerned eg. fire, car accident, etc.  
  • Ordering supplies in advance to ensure they arrive when needed eg. medication, gloves etc. 
Documentation/Communication; Ensuring Information Is Shared By:

  • Reading, documenting in and initialing log books, communication books and shift lists before and after each shift as appropriate.  Initialing shift lists when items are completed or noting reasons when items are not completed.
  • Writing reports immediately following an event eg. Doctor’s appointment form, incident reports, menu sheets, etc.
  • Correctly documenting medication administration eg. dosage, time of day, updating changes , ordering etc. 
  • Correctly documenting Personal Spending, Petty Cash, groceries, etc. immediately after an item is purchased
  • Reading staff meeting minutes
  • Meeting with team leader periodically for open communication
  • Initialing all documentation so team knows you have seen it
  • Ensuring personal files are kept updated (daily) including files, binders, boxes, etc. 
Philosophy / Professionalism; Maintaining Agency Values By:

  • Interacting respectfully and consistently with family, team and community agencies
  • Upholding the philosophy of Arcane Horizon Inc. and acting accordingly
  • Maintain all personal matters regarding individuals, their families and team members as confidential
  • Being knowledgeable about policy and procedures and implementing them accordingly
  • Acting as a role model
  • Reporting to a director or board member if you suspect any wrong doing regarding an individual or the agency, at home or in the community, by following the grievance procedure as stated in the policy manual 
Other Duties As Assigned:

  • As for all of us, unpredictable and unplanned situations arise.  Staff is responsible for ensuring these situations are dealt with in a way consistent with the philosophy of Arcane Horizon Inc. 

  • Remain at the home throughout assigned shift.  Duties specific to individual houses will be assigned by the house manager
  • Assist individuals in morning routine - transfer responsibility to day program staff as determined by the house schedule


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